Make a Tie Like Daddy’s

A big part of the beginning of summer is celebrating Father’s Day. I first started doing this Father’s Day tie with my daughter a few years ago. Our daddy wears a lot of ties, so it seemed like a good craft to do to talk about daddy and how much we love him. If a tie doesn’t make sense in your family pick a different object to decorate to make it fit your child’s experience.

To get started prep the tie shape and stripes to decorate the tie. You can free hand the tie shape first, or make a handy little template like I did, whatever is easiest for you! We did stripes this time, but you can personalize this as much as you want by cutting out different shapes, or using stickers if you would rather. Either way, the prep should go fast, the goal is not perfection on your part, just a new canvas for your child to experiment!

Once your tie shape and stripes or other decorations are ready, bring in your little one to decorate it. You can do this a lot of different ways. Either have your child squeeze the glue on, or if they aren’t quite strong enough yet a glue stick is a nice method, or they could dip the stripes into a puddle of glue and then stick it to the paper… you know your child best and will know the best method for them. From there, give them a lot of freedom to fill in and decorate their tie just the way they want. I think you will enjoy getting to see their artwork unfold!

Let’s talk about what is happening in this art activity…

Creativity & Autonomy: Art activities allow for your child to exercise their own ideas and realize a sense of autonomy. In this case children are getting the chance to choose the color of their stripes and where they want them. Being able to start from a blank paper tie to then being able to admire their own work when it is finished, will bring about such a sense of pride. Give them freedom, but still enhance the activity by asking questions, commenting on what they are doing, and maybe giving an occasional idea to expand their horizons a bit.

Fine Motor: This activity is full of fine motor opportunities- from getting the glue onto the paper to picking up the stripes and other decorations and sticking them down… your child is getting a workout with their small movement muscles in their hands and forearms.

Have a ton of fun getting to do this activity with your child… you will continually be amazed at their ideas through these experiences!


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