Welcome to Real. Meaningful. Family!

Parents today are more overloaded with and overwhelmed by information than they’ve ever been! Between parenting books, weekly advice e-mails, food blogs, parenting blogs, educational blogs… everyone is an expert and has an entirely different opinion it seems! If you are like me your head spins trying to decipher everything you read. It is my goal to help wade through all of the information and find what works best for you and your family. I am a mom with a PhD in a child development field, and I want to use that experience and practical knowledge to help you get the most out of your family. I know you are striving to do the best and find the best information when it comes to raising your children.

I have three goals for this blog:

  1. To present a fun, developmentally appropriate plan of activities for you to do with your growing toddlers!
  2. To relay research findings directly to you.
  3. To create a positive space with information that is real and easy to apply to help your family and relationships be full of meaningful opportunities.

Please, take a look around my site. Check out the About section, and Dr. Emily’s Story to learn more about why I started this blog and what I want it to become. And in the Toddler Activities section is a brief explanation about the activities as well as current activity plans!


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