Early Science: Float or Sink?

IMG_0124Activities with toddlers are so easy to incorporate into their every day tasks. Learning about science is as easy as giving them a bath! I think a lot of people hear early science and think I am crazy because we think of chemistry, biology, and physics! When in reality if we are proactive at talking about things in our environment, they will learn. Toddlers are already avid scientists, they are constantly mentally comparing and logging away colors, differences that they notice in their world, cause and effect, sounds, tastes, textures, and so much more!

That is what this activity is for. It is letting them play with water and experience those properties, and then on top of that it’s basically answering the question, “What happens when I do this?” In this case they are finding out what happens when they drop some of their toys, and other familiar objects into water. Take a look at Summer Week 3 for more instructions and a materials list.

Do this at bath time, or like we did with a tub of water and some favorite toys and other objects. I collected items first, my kids put them in water, and then were intrigued enough to go find more things and “test” what happened! Keep conversation simple, “The car is sinking! It’s going down to the bottom!” or “Look, the foam letter is floating, it’s on top of the water!” I’ll be honest I was actually surprised by some of the things we used! I guess I learned something too!

Happy Playing!







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