In the Kitchen: Fresh Whipped Cream

This is a fun way to make whipped cream. Of course you can just buy it in the can… delicious. Or have your mixer do all the work for you… still delicious. Or, you can have your kids do it by hand. Did you know you can shake up whipped cream? It turns into a great way to get kids active at the same time as making a delicious treat.


Pour heavy whipping cream into a small container with a lid. It could be a glass baby food jar or a small plastic container. Something that is easy for your child to hold onto and shake. I added a little drop of vanilla into ours, put the lid on, and then let them shake. It takes a while, so it’s ok if your child starts but needs a little help to finish. It’s hard work for them! I ended up finishing my 3-year-old’s cream, but he had fun getting to try. In the end it’s fun to open it up and show them how it changed!


Happy Playing!


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