Time for Art: Build a Campfire

IMG_0023I have a little bit of a camping theme going on this week, and my kids are loving it! Today we started it all off by building a campfire! The great thing about this particular craft is that it also doubles as a great pretend play prop, and is perfect to use with the build a tent activity later this week.

We stacked up the smaller toilet paper rolls underneath the big rolls. Then I snuck a piece or two of tape in between the tops of the big rolls.

The kids then tore apart orange and red tissue paper and stuffed it around the “logs.”

Then, I glued some random spots all over the paper towel rolls for them to stick larger pieces of orange and yellow pieces of tissue paper.

I think they did a great job and that it turned out pretty cute!


Let’s talk about what’s going on here:

Arts and Crafts: This is a great activity to get your child thinking. It isn’t just apparent how to do it, they have to experiment with what works.




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