Summer Week 8: July 24-28


Paint the Ocean

Give your child the freedom to experiment with finger paint. With this activity they can mix colors and completely explore painting with their hands and experience what happens on the paper. They can mix colors, they can smear it all over the paper, whatever they feel like. Guide them along the way. It’s our job to talk about what they are doing and describe what the real ocean looks like… maybe even looking at some pictures. If you want you can cut out fish from magazines or pictures to glue on after the paint had dried.

Stuff to Have

-Construction paper

-Blue, green, and white non-toxic finger paint

Developing Skills

Colors, fine motor, sensory, art, painting

Fine Motor

Balance a Golf Ball

Hold a spoon with one hand. Place the golf ball on the large part of the spoon and demonstrate to your little one how it can balance if you keep it steady. Now, show them what happens with you tip it. It falls off. Let them try balancing the golf ball while walking around. Too easy for your older toddler? Let them try holding the golf ball on a smaller spoon or between a large pair of tongs.


Stuff to Have

-Cereal or soup spoon

-Golf balls (or similar size ball)

Developing Skills

Fine motor, hand-eye coordination

Problem Solving

Go Fishing

Adult prep:

Fishing pole: Make a small hole in one end of the paper towel role. Then, to attach the pipe cleaner, stick about an inch through the hole, bend the pipe cleaner over and tape the piece inside of the towel roll.  On the other end of the pipe cleaner attach a strong magnet, or glue the tip of the pipe cleaner between two magnets.IMG_0099

Fish: On construction paper draw about a 3-inch circle or oval then add a triangle to one side to make the tail of the fish. Cut it out and add an eye and a line for the mouth. On the back of the fish glue a magnet.

Set-up: Set the fish out, magnet side up, on the floor, on a table, or in a shallow plastic container. Then your child can sit nearby and “fish” with their magnet fishing pole. This is a problem solving activity so you might start by asking how they can pick up the fish with their new pole. Let them experiment some and see if it works to pick up a fish. This might require a little help from you if they aren’t catching any, but once they start to pull up  fish they will be excited to catch more!


Stuff to Have

-1 empty paper towel roll

-1 pipe cleaner


-6 magnets

-Construction paper fish

Developing Skills

Problem solving, follow through, fine motor

Science & Math

Fruits and Veggies

Comparing and classifying objects is an early math and science concept. For this activity collect various fruits and veggies of different sizes, shapes, textures, and colors. Let your child feel them smell them, and if they’re up to it they can even taste them! This is an activity to use all of their senses to discover how these fruits and veggies are the same and how they are different. For younger children this can be a type of sensory activity with lots of description from you about the sizes, shapes, and colors that they see.

Stuff to Have

Various fruits and vegetables

Developing Skills

Early science and math, fine motor, sensory

Cooking & Baking

Sand Pudding

Here is a fun beachy themed snack to make this week! Start by blending graham crackers and chocolate cracker in a food processor until it resembles sand. In a different bowl, whisk together pudding and milk until it begins to thicken, set aside. Combine butter and cream cheese until smooth and creamy. Now, combine the pudding mixture with cream cheese & butter mixture. Finally, fold in cool whip to pudding mixture. Now to assemble, cover the bottom of dish with a layer of pudding mixture, then a layer of “sand.” Repeat layers until it is all used up. It can be assembled in individual dishes or in a large dish.

Stuff to Have

1 small box vanilla pudding

1 1/2 c milk

1 container cool whip

4 oz. cream cheese, softened

1/4 c butter, softened

9 graham crackers

1 chocolate graham cracker

Developing Skills

Cooking & baking, fine motor, early science and math

Add On Activities

Large Motor: Find ways to use the big muscle groups. Activities could include things like jumping, kicking or throwing a ball, dancing, twirling, running through a sprinkler, or other outside activities. You could even try walking like a crab after a treat of sand pudding!

Music and Rhymes: There are many online resources for music and rhymes. Look for some that focus on summertime, maybe going to the beach, camping, playing outside, and going to the beach.

Books: Take a trip to the library and look for books about summer as well as books that match your child’s interest. Read, read, and read some more! They will love it and it’s prime time to get some snuggles.


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