Sensory: Fruits and Veggies

IMG_0213It’s amazing what everyday objects around us have to offer when it comes to learning!
Today, we used fruits and veggies that are pretty common in our house to see what they look, feel, and smell like and some we even tasted. This is a super simple and easy learning experience that will probably only take 5 minutes or so depending on how you enhance it with questions and comments.

Here are 10 prompts/topic ideas to make this a little more interesting. But there are tons of different directions you could go with these questions!

  1. Check these out, what do I have in my box?!
  2. Do you know what this one is?  (It’s an avocado, or kiwi, etc.)
  3. What color is this? (We talked about color for each of the fruits and veggies of course!)
  4. There are two apples in here, can you find them? IMG_0224
  5. How are the apples different?
  6. What does this one feel like? IMG_0223
  7. Which one is your favorite?
  8. Which carrot is bigger? IMG_0222
  9. Is this one bumpy or smooth?
  10. What do they smell like? IMG_0218

I found when we did this activity that it brought out some of the cutest responses from my son. Avocados were “bubbly,” kiwi were “hairy,” one carrot was “really, really big!” and his favorite was the red apple because it was red… that makes sense. We had a lot of fun with this easy activity, and I hope you enjoy it too!

Happy Playing!



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