In the Kitchen: Sand Pudding

After several sneaky licks from the bowl and a few stolen pinches of the ground up graham cracker we finally created our version of sand pudding today! This is a super fun recipe that I have seen popping up for a while now on other blogs. The recipes that I’ve seen look super delicious and presentation is absolutely adorable. A yummy summer treat in a bucket and a shovel to serve! Absolutely perfect for a summer potluck or having friends over. This week though I just need a recipe for something fun for my kids to make with me. I don’t want a lot leftover, and I want it to be slightly less sugary. So, to keep it simple for our purposes I’ve tweaked other recipes to do just that!

IMG_0187For the full list of ingredients and brief instructions go here.

First we combined about 9 regular graham crackers with 1 chocolate graham cracker in the food processor until it resembled sand and set that aside. If your child is feeling extra active you could have them pound some crackers in a zip top bag with a heavy spoon or ladle.

IMG_0194Then, we mixed the softened cream cheese and butter together until they were creamy, and in a different bowl we blended the pudding mix with the milk. Once that was nice and smooth we mixed together the cream cheese/butter mixture with the pudding. Finally, we folded in the whipped topping until it was well combined, but still nice and fluffy. If you can, try and give your child as many chances as you can for them to dump, stir, and mix!

Now it’s time to assemble! Instead of using a cute bucket for our treats, I went a bit simpler and used some clear little colorful bowls that I found for a dollar at our grocery store. We alternated a layer of pudding mixture followed by the “sand” and then repeated so that the sand was on top of the finished product.

The nice thing about this treat is it’s cute, it’s fun and easy to create and there are lot’s of dumping, stirring, and mixing jobs which are perfect ways to get children involved! Plus, it’s pretty tasty too!

Happy playing!


I had strict instructions to leave the “sand” in the top bowl tall!


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