Time For Art: Fruit and Veggie Stamps

IMG_0243When we think of art it’s easy to think of some of the obvious mediums: painting with a paintbrush, coloring with markers or crayons, finger painting… those are great and fun ways to do art, but I try to keep art activities varied and include things like collages, stamping, printing, doing texture rubbings, and sometimes crafts or seasonal decorations. Today we used our leftover fruit from last weeks sensory fruit and veggie activity to make fruit and veggie stamps.

I cut the veggies up in ways that my kids would be able to pick them up, but also ways that it made sense to stamp with them. Oh! If you are worried about wasting veggies, I recommend just cutting off parts that you wouldn’t necessarily eat for the stamp part (like the bottom and top of an apple, or the ends of a carrot), and use the other parts for a snack later. Here’s what we ended up with.


That apple does not look very delicious to me… but if you wanted to just use part of it for stamping and the other part for eating, I would save the middle sections for eating and the top and bottom for stamping. Cut out the core, and smear on some peanut butter or other nut butter! Yum! Also, we used the tips of the carrots for a small round stamp and cut the middle part up into carrot sticks for a snack for later.

I let my son pick out his colors, I demonstrated a couple of “stamps” with one of the apple sections, and then I let him go for it. He loved it!


Let’s talk about what’s going on here:

Fine motor: Grasping the fruit and veggie stamps will give your child’s forearm and little hand muscles a great little workout!


Colors: I know this one is pretty obvious! But what a great chance to label colors, let your child pick their favorites, and see if any new colors emerge as the paint inevitably mixes together.


Sensory: Not only is your child getting to feel those fruits and veggies from last weeks activity again, but also the texture of the paint on their hands. Some kids really don’t like to be messy, that’s ok. Have a wet cloth nearby at the beginning of the activity to wipe them up if it starts to bother them.


Art: Of course, even with a different medium to paint, this is still an art activity. Their brain is noticing what happens when they use different shapes, what it looks like when they put two shapes together on the paper, and what happens when colors mix.


Have fun and happy playing!




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