Summer Week 10: August 7-11


Flower Painting

I like to be totally ready before we start a paint project. So I prep the work space by laying down newspapers to keep the mess away and have a wet cloth handy. When you are set, let your child use the flowers (or celery tops) as paint brushes to create a painting. They can paint whatever they want. Younger children will experiment with the feelings of the paint and the “brushes.” Don’t be surprised if not much paint hits the paper, just be sure to help them avoid their mouths. Older toddlers and those nearing preschool might get more creative with what they paint. Keep in mind that there isn’t a certain way their painting should look, so give them freedom to try different methods and techniques on their own. Be there to facilitate, help when ask, and to create teaching opportunities.

Stuff to Have

-Construction paper

-Flowers and leaves (or celery tops; these will be used like paint brushes)

-Non-toxic paint, various colors

Developing Skills

Colors, shapes, painting

Fine Motor

Balance a Golf Ball

Hold a spoon with one hand. Place the golf ball on the large part of the spoon and demonstrate to your little one how it can balance if you keep it steady. Now, show them what happens with you tip it. It falls off. Let them try balancing the golf ball while walking around. Too easy for your older toddler? Let them try holding the golf ball on a smaller spoon or between a large pair of tongs.


Stuff to Have

-Cereal or soup spoon

-Golf balls (or similar size ball)

Developing Skills

Fine motor, hand-eye coordination


Splash Time! Water Play

Every child loves water play, and playing outside in water is a natural option in the summer. It is also a great learning opportunity! Fill a small pool or a large shallow container with water, or use a hose attached to a gentle sprinkler. Not only is it a sensory activity, it is science (water properties), fine motor (playing with spoons, cups, etc.), math (volume and measuring), and of course one of the most fun things for kids! Capitalize on the chance to play in water by adding anything that will enhance their play and their learning. This could be plastic cups, bowls, spoons, ladles, colanders, sponges, etc. Be creative and have fun!

Stuff to Have

-Small pool, hose with a gentle sprinkler, small shallow tub

-Cups, spoons, sponges, bowls, colanders, etc.

Developing Skills

Sensory and texture, early math, early science, problem solving, colors, fine motor

*Safety Note: Please stay with kids no mater their age while doing activities with water. Close supervision is a must even with older toddlers and preschoolers. I also do not recommend the use of a large bucket filled with water, as small children could tip in while reaching down to the water and not be able to get back out.

Early Science & Math

Explore a Watermelon

Set watermelon on a towel or in grass outside, this will be messy. This is a sensory and fine motor activity so let kids dig into the watermelon and have fun experiencing what it feels like. Plus, it’s healthy and safe to eat while exploring!

Stuff to Have

1 watermelon cut in half, or quartered (save other half for eating)

Spoons, scoops, bowls

Developing Skills

Fine motor, sensory, colors

Cooking & Baking

Watermelon treat

Use leftover watermelon for a cool summer treat. Kids can use plastic knives to help cut into chunks.

Stuff to Have

Watermelon, cubed or in triangles

Add on Activities

Large Motor: Find ways to use the big muscle groups. Activities could include things like jumping, kicking or throwing a ball, dancing, twirling, running through a sprinkler, or other outside activities. One of our favorites is catching bubbles!

Music and Rhymes: There are many online resources for music and rhymes. Look for some that have some summertime themes like swimming, camping, playing outside, summertime fruits and veggies, and other fun summer activities that apply to your family.

Books: Take a trip to the library and look for books about summer as well as books that match your child’s interest. Read, read, and read some more! They will love it and it’s prime time to get some snuggles.


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