In the Kitchen: Apples and Peanut Butter

In this crazy Pinterest era that we live in, sometimes I post ideas like this and I expect that they might seem a little boring. But, that’s why this blog is called REAL. Meaningful. Family. Sometimes, when being real, we must recognize that not every activity must be picture perfect. Sometimes, we just need a healthy snack, and I thought to kick off the fall season we needed something with apples!

I attribute my love of this snack to the first time I remember having it. I was with my grandma and she cut up an apple and showed me how to dip it into peanut butter… I may very well have had it before, but grandma gets the credit to introducing me to it! Since then it is my go to snack to incorporate a healthy fruit but still make it a little fun.

Obviously your child can’t cut the apple, but they can enjoy getting the freedom of dipping it into their peanut butter, or other nut butter that is appropriate for your family. I haven’t met a child yet that doesn’t love to dip their food into something else!

Sit down and enjoy this snack with your child. Slow down and spend time talking over a simple snack. You never know ,they might remember this moment every time they eat apple slices with a scoop of peanut butter!

Happy Playing!


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