Time for Art: Apple Stamp


I love finding different ways to do traditional activities. So, for this fall art activity we used apples as stamps. The apple is a good option because it gives your child a lot to grab on to, but works those little fine motor muscles at the same time.

Let’s talk about what is going on in this activity!

Fine motor: Anything that engages the small muscles of the hand and forearm are great for your young child. Grabbing the apple will definitely use those muscles!

Art/creative expression: If you think about your child’s life, a lot is predetermined for them. It’s great for them to get to do things that they are in absolute control.  Getting to pick their colors, which ones they use, where they stamp on their paper are all decisions that are completely up to them. And, as they do it they will be learning what happens each time they do it. It’s hard for those of us standing by, watching them mix up their paint, smear their stamps, and make a mess, but try to let your child have full control and get to experience that trial and error process!

Happy Playing!




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