Time for Art: Torn Paper Apple

I may or may not be a little obsessed with apples, leaves, and pumpkins in these fall activities! I guess those are what represent fall the best to me.


Just like in most other art activities the objective for this is the process, not the outcome. So, things like tearing the paper, getting acquainted with and experimenting with the paper and the glue, and then figuring out what happens when they stick little pieces of paper to the apple, are the main parts of this activity. For that reason, you can get creative with what your child is making. If you are sick of apples and pumpkins, make a football shape and your child could fill it in with brown paper; or draw a bare tree on blue paper and let your child tear up red, orange, and yellow paper to fill in the fall tree branches with “leaves.” You can modify the activity to fit your child’s interests, age, and their individual level of development.


To start off with this activity draw your apple (or pumpkin, football, tree…) and cut them out. You can make them big, little, medium… whatever size you think your child can handle. Keep in mind though, too big might be overwhelming. Now pull out a piece of construction paper- the right color for whatever you are doing and let your child go to town. Ripping paper for some reason is so fun for little kids, but surprisingly, it takes quite a bit of forearm and finger strength. I sometimes give some help with this by getting some tears started to keep my kids interested (especially when they are on the younger spectrum of age).


Let’s talk about what’s going on in this activity:


Art Processes: Kind of like I said earlier, this is all about getting to experiment and try new things with paper and glue, all the while making their own artistic creation. It’s really as simple as your child realizing, “Hey, this looks more like an apple the more red pieces I glue onto the paper.”


Fine Motor:  If most art projects include fine motor processes, this one is super loaded! The paper tearing plus gluing and sticking on the little pieces of paper is a great workout for those little fine muscles.


Happy Playing!



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