In the Kitchen: Donut Hole Acorns

I have a love hate relationship with the internet. On one hand we have this unfathomable connection to information which is great. As a researcher though, I strongly dislike the possibility of sharing an activity or recipe without giving credit where credit is due. Pretty much all of my activities and recipes are compilation from my own experience taking care of toddlers, research experience assessing & playing with children, something I have completely made up, or something I remember doing as a child.


But this one, it’s just the cutest, I couldn’t pass up including it in the fall activity plan, but I have no idea where I found it. I literally saw a picture of these donut holes dipped in chocolate and I assume ground peanuts, and I just logged it away. If you google it now, there are like a gazillion trillion renditions of them. So, original donut hole acorn creator, I’m sorry that I don’t know who you are, but thank you for this adorable and fun fall food activity!


My son started unboxing these while I stepped away for a second. It was a nice gesture, but I’m pretty sure he licked half of them as he set them out. Sorry to my husband, who is learning this now as he reads it. I forgot to tell him before he had his share.


This recipe is super simple, I’m certain you have it figured out already without me even going through the process. So, I’ll just focus on the ways your child can get involved. First, have them pour in the peanuts (or whatever nut you choose) and push the button to get them ground up. Watch it a bit, I’m pretty sure we were about 1 second away from our own peanut butter! I handled melting the chocolate. I did about a half cup of chocolate chips (to dip 10 donut holes) and gradually melted them in 20 second increments at half power until it was nice and smooth. Assemble all of your ingredients, demonstrate one for your child and then let them give it a try.

By the time they are done you will have chocolate and peanut covered donut holes, and a chocolate and peanut covered child!

This is a great activity for kids. So many opportunities to be involved in the entire process, and to get that feeling of pride. They are getting fine motor, science, and cooking experiences all while having fun playing with you in the kitchen! You can’t beat that.


Happy playing and enjoy your treat!



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