Early Science & Math: Carve a Pumpkin

Today’s early science and math activity is carving a pumpkin! Get ready for messy messy fun! My husband and I have carved a pumpkin every year since we’ve known each other, just for the fun of it. Now, we do the same with our kids, still for the fun of it, but they are simultaneously having so many experiences that are getting logged away in their little minds!


First, you’ve got to have a meeting to discuss what your pumpkins face is going to look like! There will be lot’s of indecisiveness and changing minds… but finally with some encouragement from mom and dad you will find something to agree on.

Next, it’s time to scoop those gooey, slimy guts out of the inside. Getting to see inside that sealed exterior of a huge orange pumpkin is like revealing a mystery! Plus, it’s getting in great sensory experience. Which reminds me… a lot of toddler’s and preschoolers hate things that feel slimy or make their hands messy. They may not enjoy the experience of sticking their hands in and digging it all out. That’s ok, don’t force it. Doing that part of the activity is not worth the stress for them. If that is your child, let them sit along side you and watch their pumpkin face take shape! You can talk about what you are seeing and doing, what is one the inside, how the pumpkin grows…

Obviously this is an activity that requires a lot of adult contribution… and sometimes that adult is left on their own to keep working on the new pumpkin friend…


Get your helpers back to help dig out all of the pumpkin seeds to roast for a tasty snack (we’ll have that up here soon too!)


From the science of plants and growth, to sensory, to fine motor experiences this activity has a ton of components! Plus, it will be such a fun activity for the whole family to take part in together.

Happy Playing!



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