Time For Art: Turkey Roll

I panicked about 3 years ago when I started noticing toilet paper rolls coming without the tubes… don’t get me wrong I like taking care of the environment, but those tubes are great craft material! So, I have a tp roll collection going strong, just in case all of the rolls start going tubeless.

Here is a sweet way to incorporate the upcoming holiday and your child’s art. There are plenty of fine motor opportunities, and a chance for your child to be proud every time they see their Thanksgiving decoration. You can check out the materials list and a brief breakdown here.


Start by tracing your child’s hands on various colored sheets of construction paper. Cut that out, and while you are busy doing that maybe your child could color the tp tube to keep them busy too.


Now that you have the “feathers” cut out you can show your child the back of the tube and work together to glue them on. We kind of piled ours up in the shape of a fan, glued them all together and glued the stack of feathers on all together.

It’s time to put the face on the other side of the tube. As your child starts to work on the face ask them what makes up a face. You’ll get some pretty cute answers I’m sure. Then, you can go through each part and ask them where it goes.

Don’t be discouraged if your child isn’t sure how to really put a face together. The ability to put pieces of a face where they belong is something that will develop over time. Just let them experiment with it, and remember there is no right way to do it, it’s ok if it doesn’t look perfect. Try not to correct your child, or tell them how to do it too much, the experimentation with it is where the learning is at, not getting it “right.”


Let’s talk about what’s going on in this activity:

Fine Motor: There are great opportunities here to get those small muscles in the hand and forearm working! Squeezing the glue bottle and then using the pincer grasp (fore finger and thumb) to hold onto the small pieces of paper and stick it to the tube are great exercises.

Communication: Just like most other activities it is up to us to capitalize on great opportunities for communication. Use this activity as a chance to talk about colors, where to put the parts of the turkey, and what makes up a face. Ask questions and describe what you see your child doing!

Arts and Crafts: In each stage of development your child is constantly learning more and more. In these art activities they are learning about their creative independence, what happens when they are in control of putting the parts of the turkey together, and they experience art materials going from nothing to something.

Of course these areas of development are just icing on the cake. The main purpose for all of these activities is for you and your child to have a chance to work together and spend time having fun together!

Happy Playing!






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