Fall Week 12: November 14-18


Bean Turkey

img_1519Trace your child’s hand in the middle of the paper plate (it has to be a paper plate or of that thickness, nothing else will hold up the heaviness of the beans) Then, your child can glue beans on to fill in the turkey. If they are overwhelmed by the amount of area to fill in, help them focus in on a finger at a time and then break down the palm into segments. Once done you can draw in a beak, the snood (a.k.a. the red hangy down thing), and some feet. Once done you’ve got a super cute turkey decoration for Thanksgiving!

Stuff to have

1 small paper plate

1/2- 1 cup dry beans


Developing Skills

Fine motor, art

Fine Motor

Pipe Cleaner Colander

img_1001Pull out your kitchen colander and some pipe cleaners. Let your child poke the pipe cleaners through the holes of the colander giving them a great fine motor workout!

Stuff to Have


Pipe cleaners

Developing Skills

Fine motor

Problem Solving

Flashlight Find

IMG_0700Darken a room that is familiar to your child and has familiar objects in it. Sit down somewhere comfortable and let your child use the flashlight to find various objects. Older children will love having you name some of their favorite toys or special objects and using the flashlight to find them. While younger children might not grasp the concept of finding things with the flashlight you can demonstrate and begin that problem solving concept. If they are only interested in playing with the flashlight that is fine too- they are still always learning and building new concepts. Just take care to help them avoid looking directly at the light.

Stuff to Have

-1 Flashlight

-Darkened, familiar room

Developing Skills

Problem Solving, follow through

Early Science & Math

img_1111Nature Walk

Since this season is one of constant changes I like to include 2 or 3 nature walks just to take in all the changes. It is such a simple way to talk about change, observe colors, feel different temperatures, and compare what is different from the last nature walk. So, head outside and enjoy the changing weather, trees, flowers, grass, etc. Talk a lot about colors and the changes you see- even with the youngest children. Walks are simple but great opportunities to enhance vocabulary and learning about the environment around us.

Developing Skills

Science (observation), colors, temperatures, large motor

Cooking & Baking

img_1570Pilgrim Hats

Turn the cookie upside down so that the all chocolate side is up. Then use peanut butter to “glue” the wide part of the Reeses to the cookie. And like that you have a tasty & cute treat to get in the Thanksgiving mode!

Stuff to Have

Fudge stripe cookies

Mini Reese’s peanut butter cups

peanut butter

Developing Skills

Fine motor, sensory

Add-on Activities

Large Motor: One of the most important things we can do for our kids is getting them to use their large muscles! As it starts to get cooler it is sometimes harder to get them moving as much, but there are a lot of fun indoor activities that you will both enjoy. Try toddler yoga, keeping a balloon up in the air, or having a dance party to some fun kids music. Then, when it’s warm enough, take advantage of the outdoor space and get them running, jumping & climbing. Large muscle movement is so beneficial for muscle and brain development!

Music and Rhymes: I like to find different Fall themed music and rhymes online, and as we get closer to Thanksgiving add in some songs about turkeys and Thanksgiving dinner. There are a lot of fun resources with great familiar rhymes and tunes to incorporate in your day. But keep in mind it isn’t necessary to have a sit down and sing time (this isn’t preschool or kindergarten!) Just incorporate singing, music, and dancing throughout your day!

Books: I find it is easiest to head to the library and pick out some fall themed books. Find your child’s favorite character as they experience fall, find fun books about Thanksgiving dinners and silly turkey’s, but mostly just read! With toddlers especially, it isn’t about reading all of the words, it’s more about letting them experience the book, point out what you see in pictures, connect it to their life, ask questions, and let them take the lead!

Come visit on Facebook! For more tips about play, these activities, large motor, music and rhymes, and book ideas check out the Real. Meaningful. Family. Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/realmeaningfulfamily/

Mostly enjoy your child and happy playing!


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