Early Science & Math: Nature Walk

I’m pretty sure Fall is completely confusing my kids this year. I like to include at least one nature walk in each month of the transitional months (Spring & Fall) because there is so much change that happens. But this fall I’m pretty sure our first nature walk in September was colder than our last nature walk!

That’s ok, we have enjoyed the extra warmth. We have had plenty to talk about with the changing trees and other foliage. Plus, it’s a nature walk. There is so much to take in and explore even if the typical change isn’t happening. We changed things up this time and combined a trip to a new park with nature. We saw deer tracks, water, lot’s of leaves and trees, and new kinds of birds by changing our location.


So, what’s happening during the nature walk?

I like nature walks because it is… multi-sensory? multi-development? multi-dimensional? I’m not sure there is a word that exists to fully describe it, but a nature walk employs almost everything that your child has going on. They can move their bodies, they can run, they can crawl on the ground to discover bugs, grass, and dirt. It’s sensory… they can feel bark on the tree, leaves, grass; they can smell flowers; they can hear wind, the geese flying over head; they can see colors, shapes, changes. They can experiment, they can be creative, they can use their imagination…

It is our job to capitalize on these experiences. The key is being descriptive in our communication with them. Talk about what you see, talk about things that interest your child and connect to their world. Ask them questions, even the little ones that don’t give an answer yet. Talk, experience, and have fun together!


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