Time for Art: Foot Christmas Tree

You can’t beat a craft that involves those little piggies! Collect your construction paper, green paint, and have a wet towel on hand (don’t forget that, or while you go get it, you’ll end up with a path of green footprints through your house!).

Oh look at that cute little foot!



Paint the bottom of your child’s foot green, make sure to get it nice and coated! Then press it down onto the paper, careful to not let it slide around. Now, if you’ve read my art posts in the past, you know I’m a big fan of just letting your child experiment with the art process rather than instructing them and over controlling them through the process. But, in the case of this first step I say help them get a good stamp of their foot on the paper. They can have control again when it comes to decorating their foot tree.

Both of my little guys got to take part in this craft! It was so fun, I wish I would have recorded the giggles from my littlest guy as I painted his foot! THE. cutest! Unfortunately I spaced out after this point and didn’t get any more pics of the painting process. So, I’ll just have to catch you up at the end.
img_1754 img_1758

Now that it’s stamped let it dry. Go do something fun with your child… read a book, sing some songs. When it’s dry come back and let your child dot, smear, and decorate their foot tree however they want. You can have paints or markers, stickers, paper cutouts, glitter… whatever your child is into and whatever level of mess you are up for!

Of course you get a super cute Christmas decoration to set out for the season, but this also comes with great learning experiences… Let’s talk about what’s going on here…


Art: Have you ever sat by and just watched your child go to town on an art project? Do you study their face? Do you see their mind working as they figure out what they are doing? All of these processes that we use in art projects take experience and learning. Your child doesn’t need to know how to paint, or draw, or make anything really, they just need to have fun experiencing the materials and see what their creative independence allows them to come up with. So, let this activity, decorating the tree provide them some of that experience! And have fun with it!

Fine Motor: This provides great opportunity to use those little muscles in the hand and arm that are going to be used a lot in the future holding a pencil.

Those are the big two, some other areas of development are problem solving, color recognition, hand eye coordination, and communication… so talk, describe what you see, ask questions, and have a lot of fun!



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