Time for Art: Foot Christmas Tree

Real. Meaningful. Family.

You can’t beat a craft that involves those little piggies! Collect your construction paper, green paint, and have a wet towel on hand (don’t forget that, or while you go get it, you’ll end up with a path of green footprints through your house!).

Oh look at that cute little foot!


Paint the bottom of your child’s foot green, make sure to get it nice and coated! Then press it down onto the paper, careful to not let it slide around. Now, if you’ve read my art posts in the past, you know I’m a big fan of just letting your child experiment with the art process rather than instructing them and over controlling them through the process. But, in the case of this first step I say help them get a good stamp of their foot on the paper. They can have control again when it comes to decorating…

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