Time for Art: Tear & Paste Glitter Star


Get the fine motor juices flowing with this Christmas art project today! For a list of materials and a brief description of what to do go to this week’s activity plan, here.

Each season I like to include an activity like this. Tearing paper is fun (although difficult for younger children, so keep that in mind!) It uses so many fine muscle movements, it’s fun to watch the shape fill in with color, it uses creativity… it’s just a good activity! For a more in depth breakdown of the benefits of this kind of activity, check out Time for Art: Torn Paper Apple!

Start by cutting out your shape. This is a star, but you could make a tree, an ornament, a snowman, a football… Whatever you think your child would enjoy. Then, let them tear apart paper that will eventually be glued to their shape. For younger kids you can get them started and demonstrate what to do.

Once you have several tiny pieces your child can start gluing…

More gluing and sticking on paper. If your child gets overwhelmed by the amount of space to fill in help them focus on one ray of the star at a time. I remember several years ago I was helping my 2-year old niece color in a hand turkey that we were working on. I said ok now you can color it in, and she replied “I can’t!” I realized it was too overwhelming, and when we focused on one “feather” at a time she was able to do it just fine! So, keep that in mind.

To finish off we pulled out the rarely used glitter. The star has to twinkle, right?! We just brushed glue over the top of the yellow pieces and then sprinkled on the glitter, removed the excess, and then let it dry. Glitter by the way is totally optional!


Such a great Christmas decoration in the tree or on the fridge!

Have fun and happy playing!


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