Spring Week 3


Spring Week 3: March 18-22

Week 5

At Real. Meaningful. Family. my goal is to provide information based on research for parents and caregivers, and to create regular opportunity for you to have special together time with your child. Toddlers and preschoolers learn from the environment and daily interactions. We are in no way seeking to create a school-like setting for your young child. Research has clearly indicated that academic learning (think reading, writing, and arithmetic) for these young children is not developmentally appropriate, learning for this age is in the every day details. The activities below have been created as a time to set aside specifically for parents and care givers to have a fun interaction with their children. I would recommend you first prioritize time to read, snuggle, dance, sing, move, rhyme, play, and then add these activities in as you can. Don’t stress… keep it simple, and just be together!
“The work will wait while you show your child the rainbow. But the rainbow won’t wait while you do the work.” -Erik Erikson


Spring Collage

IMG_1686There are a couple of options with this activity. If it’s warm enough and you feel like making this an outside activity, head on out and collect some of the Springy things you are seeing (obviously without harming new growth). Maybe a green leaf, green grass, etc. Then, use what you find to glue onto a page and create a spring collage.

If it’s too chilly or you don’t have any signs of spring yet round up some magazines and go through and find pictures of spring to make your collage. For instance, find pictures of flowers, grass, the sun and clouds, and activities that we get to enjoy as the weather starts to change. Once you’ve found some pictures, gather the glue and construction paper and make a collage. Talk about the changes in the weather, trees, and grass as well as different animals you might start to see to introduce these activities. Keep in mind the age of your child. Young toddlers aren’t going to be able to go through and find this stuff. Instead use it as an opportunity to look at pictures, describe, point, describe some more, practice ripping for fine motor work. Then, you can help them with the glue and sticking on the pictures. Older children may be more active in picking out pictures and talking about what to expect, as well as tearing out pictures and doing their own gluing. Keep in mind your child’s experiences and what things will be completely new, whether concepts or materials, and tailor your words and descriptions to fit their level of understanding.

Stuff to Have

Spring concepts from magazines

Construction paper


Developing Skills

Fine motor, colors, textures, science/change

Fine Motor

Egg Sort

IMG_5692How about an absolute, zero prep activity that the kids will love!?! These Easter eggs are a great fine motor sorting activity. As simple as it sounds, my kids have always loved doing this. It’s so simple, I really don’t even need to provide instructions, other than… play along, demonstrate, maybe match by color maybe you don’t, and help out with younger children to keep from getting frustrated.

Stuff to Have

Plastic Easter Eggs

Developing Skills

Fine motor, math (sorting), problem solving

Early Science & Math

Make A Nest

IMG_5667Gather items from around the house and outside to spread around for birds to collect. Birds begin their nesting search well before we see many birds or nests starting to appear. Use the opportunity to talk about what process a bird goes through to make a nest and why they do it. Talk about what your “nest” is like, and how it is the same or different.

Stuff to Have

Yarn, scraps of fabric, grass, other light materials (be sure to use materials that are natural and not harmful to birds)

Developing Skills

Early science, sensory

Cooking & Baking


You might be thinking why on earth does this woman make a plan and include free activities?! Well, it’s because when I am doing these activities, when I’m on top of it and we are doing something every day I need a break. Since cooking and baking activities are more involved than the others, I see this one is a good one to take a break from occasionally. I keep them free so that you can take a break or choose something that you’ve been wanting to try for a while.

Happy Playing!



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