Time for Art: Make a Lamb

This week we are getting into some Easter activities! I love doing activities that reflect the season and upcoming holidays. It keeps things fresh and offers some great decor for the season! So today we are making a lamb with a paper plate, cotton balls, a few construction paper cut outs, and some craft eyes. You could easily make a bunny if you prefer, just change up your construction paper cut outs. You can go here to see the full instructions and materials list.


This might seem like a super simple activity, but it as a ton of great developmental concepts going for it. You’ve got the arts and crafts creativity of getting to experiment with the craft materials, fine motor of picking up the cotton balls and pressing them on, and the sensory experience of feeling those fluffy cotton balls.


You know your child best, so it’s your job to assist and direct as much as you think they need you to. Whatever you do, try your hardest to not take over. Encourage, give ideas, ask questions, maybe even make your own along side your child. I like doing crafts with my kids sometimes because they get new ideas from my own, and it adds to their experimentation.

Sometimes I put glue into a container to dip the cotton balls instead of squeezing the glue onto the plate. It works well and just offers a little bit different dimension. 


These craft activities are all about trying it out, not getting something that looks just like a lamb (or a bunny if you choose). Have fun and enjoy your time together!

make a lamb


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