Fine Motor: Button Flower

I like to call this activity button flower, even though it doesn’t really end up looking like a flower. Oh well, it makes it feel springy! My kids always love this one, and like other fine motor activities we repeat it and they have never minded.


You might be familiar with classic fine motor activities that you can buy, like stringing big beads on a piece of string. Those are great, but I find younger kids have a hard time with the floppy string. I like this activity because we use pipe cleaners. The stiffness of the pipe cleaner makes it easier to get the buttons on.

When you are finding buttons for this activity, you want to get some big buttons that will be easy for your child to pick up, hold, and get the pipe cleaner through the hole.



Start by demonstrating to your child what they can do and see if they would like to try. I find when my kids are younger sometimes they want me to help them hold the pipe cleaner. So, if your child is struggling but still wants to do the activity be creative about helping them. And then like always do a lot of talking, encouraging, and ask questions. Talk about the colors of the buttons and pipe cleaner, describe what you see them doing, and even do it alongside your child and describe what you are doing. This is obviously a fine motor activity, but the more creative and descriptive YOU are will enhance it in areas like color recognition, new words and creativity.

Have fun making button flowers! Here’s what our finished product looked like!




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