Spring Week 5: April 3-7


Hand Print Bunny

Start by painting your child’s hand with paint. Their hand stamp is going to make the bunny’s face and the ears. Help child put their hand flat onto the paper with pointer finger and middle finger together and ring finger and pinky finger together, with a space between the middle and ring fingers (think Star Trek but with the thumb in tight). This will create the ears. Let the paint dry for a few minutes then finish the face with eyes, a nose and mouth. They can also add paint to the middle of the ears to create the inner ear.

Stuff to Have

Construction paper


Paint brush

Developing Skills

Art, colors, painting, sensory

Fine Motor

Seed Sort

There are two main concepts in the seed sort, fine motor and classification, which is an early math concept. This week the focus is the actual movement of sorting seeds. Add spoons, tongs, tweezers, and cups to utilize different fine motor muscles. They can sort them into a muffin tin or ice tray, but focus more on the movement of picking up the seeds, whether by their fingers, tongs, tweezers, or spoons. Younger children may be challenged just using their fingers. As children progress, they may want to try a spoon, then tongs, then tweezers. The smaller the object (ie. Tweezers) the harder they tend to be to hold. Keep talking about colors, shapes, and any other characteristics you notice as your child goes through this. What utensil is easier or do they prefer? What are these seeds for? What do they look like? Take advantage of simple activities, and draw out learning experiences from all areas of development.

Stuff to Have

Various seeds (larger seeds like pumpkin, sunflower, and corn seeds are good for this)

muffin tin or ice tray

Utensils: spoons, cups, tweezers, tongs, etc. (optional)

Developing Skills

Fine motor, math (sorting), sensory

Early Math & Science

Paint Eggs

You can’t have Easter without dying some eggs! Go ahead and prepare dye according to the instructions- or make your own, it’s up to you. Then, it’s time to get messy! Dip eggs in the egg dye letting children choose colors and practicing putting their eggs in and discovering what colors they can create. Let dry. Narrate what you and your child are doing, what colors you have, and what colors are created when you mix them! Enjoy your sweet handmade Easter decorations!

Variation: Let children draw on white eggs prior to coloring with the dye. When the drawings are complete dip them into the dye. The dye will color the white areas but will leave the crayon drawings visible.

Stuff to Have

Boiled eggs

Egg decorating kit or homemade egg dye

Crayons (optional)

Developing Skills

Science, colors, fine motor

Cooking & Baking

You choose!

Do you have a special Easter recipe or something new that you’ve been wanting to try? Take this chance to make it with your little one. Have fun!

On top of all this fun, make sure you are getting in lot’s of large motor, reading, and music! All things I need to do better at next week!

Large Motor: Run, jump, leap frog, have a dance party, ride a trike, climb a slide, jump on a trampoline…

Reading: One book, two books, red book, blue book; books that are high, books that are low, books from here to here to there, books that are everywhere… Ok, I’m no Dr. Seuss but you get my drift! Reading is so important! And you know what, you don’t even have to read the words. Talk about the pictures, point out colors, relate the book to your child’s life. Talking, conversing, hearing new words being tied to familiar things… that is how your child is making new connections.

And finally music and rhymes! Another great way for kids to hear the sounds in words! These are skills that will come back to them when they are learning to read later on. Do an internet search for Spring songs for kids. You will find a lot of great little rhymes and songs to add throughout the day. You don’t need to have a set “music time” that you sit down and sing, just sing them as you go about the day!

Happy Playing!


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