Time for Art: Handprint Bunny

Anytime a holiday is coming up I always see these beautifully perfect arts and crafts activities and baking activities intended for kids. I always have to laugh because there’s no way a child actually did the craft. Mommy did the craft and shares it as a kids activity! It’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine because that’s not fun for kids, nor is it developmentally appropriate. Now, if it’s a gift or something and you want to be more hands on, go for it, but learning happens best when kids can experiment and make their own creation… and it’s ok if it looks nothing like the intended outcome!

Here’s what it looks like when you let your 3 year old take over and do their own bunny, but still offer a little direction and help…


He picked blue for his bunny because he is obsessed with dark blue. Not light blue, dark blue! I use a brush to cover the hand completely, and then I let him stamp his hand on the paper. This is where, especially with younger kids, you do have to be a little hands on, otherwise the paint will be everywhere but the paper! I usually help them stamp their hand, trying to keep the pinky and ring finger together and the pointer and middle finger together to make the ears. Then, we let it dry.


Once it’s dry it’s time to add a lighter color between the pinky and ring finger and the middle and pointer finger. This is the inside of the ears. He picked a lighter color of blue for this. This is where chaos may start to ensue… and that’s ok! Your child might want to embellish their bunny with lots of colors.


Now all our bunny needs is a face. This is where things got interesting for us! Two eyes and a smile, that’s all he wanted to paint on.


And that brown smile, I think this little blue bunny has been stealing vegetables from the garden!


This activity offers a lot of various types of fine motor movements, sensory experience with the paint, your child gets to use their hands and a paint brush, plus the chance to experiment and try out their own creativity. This is really the trial and error experience that leads to a lot of learning!

Happy Painting!



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