In the Kitchen: Bunny Cupcakes

These fun cupcakes are from last week’s plan, but I didn’t want to miss the chance to make them with my kids! There’s still time to have some fun in the kitchen and make these little cuties. They are perfect to take to an Easter celebration or share with people around you. And you will love doing this together!


Since we were playing catch up and I know we will be making another yummy treat later this week, I decided to go ahead and make the cupcakes and frosting ahead of time. Putting together the bunny face is the fun part anyway!

Here is how we prepared all of the parts:


For the Ears:

Cut large marshmallows in half, on the diagonal. This will give you a nice ear shape with a little base to set onto the frosting. Let your child dip the sticky inside part of the marshmallow into the colored sugar (we used pink) to make the inside of the ear.

For the Cheeks:

Cut large marshmallows in half widthwise. This will leave you with two round halves.


Eyes and Nose:

We used 2 chocolate chips for the eyes and a jelly bean for the nose.


I just love this activity. It’s fun, you end up with super cute and delicious Easter treats, and there is so much learning happening!

Let’s talk about the main things happening in this activity:

Art: Even though this is a cooking activity, it offers a lot of opportunity for testing out creativity and imagination. Remember, just like with other activities, it’s the process that we are going for, not the end product. If this is a treat you’d like to pass out or take to an event, have your child make 5 or 6 the way they want to, and you can put together the rest the way you want to. Your child will be overwhelmed if they have to make all of the bunnies anyway.


Fine Motor: Picking up the little parts of the bunny face and placing them carefully on the cupcake takes so much control and use of those teeny muscles in their hands and forearms. Activities like this take a lot of control, and are fun ways to build those important muscles they will use later when holding a pencil and using scissors.


Sensory: Smelling, tasting, feeling… there’s a lot of sensory in this activity. The smoothness of the jelly beans, the stickiness of the marshmallow… the sweet deliciousness of the frosting… because let’s face it those fingers are probably going to sneak some tastes. These are all sensory experiences, and they are going to be even more influential when we help point them out to our child.


Most important of all is the time together! There is something about baking and creating in the kitchen that is extra special. So, I hope that you enjoy putting these treats together, put away the stress of the messiness of the kitchen, and focus on having fun and experiencing this together!

Happy Baking!





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