Time for Art: “Cut” and Paste Cross

I love these tearing gluing combo activities! My kids love them too because for some reason it seems like they always found paper to tear… usually a document or list that they weren’t supposed to destroy. So, with this activity they can tear apart paper to their hearts content. Check out this week’s plan with a full list of materials for this activity.


We make a cut and paste cross every year, but you could easily make an Easter egg if you would rather. It is really as easy as it looks to set up this activity. Cut out your cross or egg, let your child choose a color, or several colors to fill in their object, and then let them get to work tearing a part the paper and gluing it on.


When my kids are younger I squirt some glue out into a dish or onto some newspaper. It seems a little easier for them to dip their paper scraps into the paper and then stick it onto their cross. As they get older I start to let them experiment with the glue bottle.


So, what’s happening in this activity?

Art: Even though it’s pretty simple, your child is still getting the chance to do whatever they want with their paper scraps. This is big for their independence and creativity. They need chances to be in control of something and make their own decisions. Those chances are very few and far between for our little ones. So, with this freedom they are learning what happens when they are in charge. It’s our job to talk about what we see them doing, encourage, and ask questions.


Fine Motor: Obviously this activity is heavy on the fine motor movements. It takes quite a bit of strength to tear paper, so your child might need you to help them get started. They will still get a good little workout for their fingers and forearms.

Happy Playing!





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