Early Science & Math: Colored Carnation


Five minutes… that’s all you need to do this activity! It goes quickly, but it has a lot of learning and fun packed into it.


Just getting to experience picking colors, dropping the colors in, and watching the swirling transformation in a fun science experience in itself.

It really is kind of mesmerizing!

Then, getting to add in their white carnation and see what happens adds an extra element. And it’s really not too messy, unless you forget to warn your oldest that the last bottle of food coloring is different than the first two! Then, you end up with this and both kids start yelling “It’s blood!” Because obviously it’s automatically blood if it looks like it!


So, what’s going on in this activity?

Fine motor… squeezing the color into the water and stirring the color in both engage the small muscles used to control the fingers and hand.


Science & Math… Observing the color transformation and using water and food coloring are science and math components. It’s just fun for our kids, but it’s laying this early foundation of experience with these materials and with the different colors.


 Sensory… If you let your child gently explore the different parts of the flower they are going to gain different sensory experiences.

Happy Playing!



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