Spring Week 10

Spring Week 10: May 6-10

Week 10

At Real. Meaningful. Family. my goal is to provide information based on research for parents and caregivers, and to create regular opportunity for you to have special together time with your child. Toddlers and preschoolers learn from the environment and daily interactions. We are in no way seeking to create a school-like setting for your young child. Research has clearly indicated that academic learning (think reading, writing, and arithmetic) for these young children is not developmentally appropriate, learning for this age is in the every day details. The activities below have been created as a time to set aside specifically for parents and care givers to have a fun interaction with their children. I would recommend you first prioritize time to read, snuggle, dance, sing, move, rhyme, play, and then add these activities in as you can. Don’t stress… keep it simple, and just be together!
“The work will wait while you show your child the rainbow. But the rainbow won’t wait while you do the work.” -Erik Erikson


Card for Mom

IMG_5666Happy Mother’s Day week to all of the mom’s out there! So, this activity is kind of a weird one for us moms to have our kids do. No, I’ve never said “Mother’s Day is coming up, go ahead and make me a card.” Maybe dad, or grandma, or a non-mom friend can do this one? These activities with no structure are fun because kids get to use their creativity to think of what they want to put on their card. Younger children might need more help, but of course let them have freedom to try things on their own. Help them plan and collect the materials they think they might need to put it together and then let them go to work.

Stuff to Have

Construction paper

Decorations: Paint, stickers, ribbon, glitter etc.

Developing Skills

Planning and follow through, fine motor, colors, gift giving

Fine Motor

Button Flower

IMG_1468Lay out buttons and pipe cleaners. Demonstrate to children how the pipe cleaner can go through the button-holes. Let your child try to put pipe cleaners through the button-holes and make a button “flower.” If it starts to get frustrating for your child help them out. The point is to have fun and try something new. If you do help, try to find the balance between letting them experiment, and assisting them.

Stuff to Have

Buttons- various shapes, sizes, and colors

Pipe cleaners

Developing Skills

Fine motor, colors

Early Science & Math

Sprout a Veggie

IMG_5648Have your child wet a paper towel and place it in the jar. Place the vegetable seed on the side of the jar next to the wet paper towel. Place in an area where the seed will receive sunlight. Check daily to make sure the towel stays moist. Older children could track the progress with drawings or pictures of the seed’s progress. With younger children simply talk about what you are seeing as it changes.

Stuff to Have

Glass jar with a lid

Vegetable seed

Paper towels

Developing Skills

Science: growth of a seed, observation

Cooking & Baking

Mom’s Favorite Treat

Mom pick what you want to make this week! Have fun working together in the kitchen and enjoy your tasty treat!



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