Summer Week 1: June 4-8

Real. Meaningful. Family.


Make a Tie like Daddy’s

Parent prep: From white construction paper, cut out a tie shape. From other various colors of construction paper cut out fun shapes for your child to glue onto the tie. It could be stripes, circles, zig zags, hearts, stars, anything that will be fun for the tie.

Let your children decorate daddy’s tie. For younger children it is sometimes easier to dip the decorations into a small puddle of glue. Older children get get their fine motor muscles working by using a stick of glue or squeezing liquid glue onto the paper. It’s ok if it gets messy! Let them decorate their tie as much as they like. Describe what they are doing and ask them to describe back to you as much as they can.

Stuff to Have


-Construction paper, for tie

-Construction paper decorations

-Stickers, optional


Developing Skills

Fine motor, art…

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