Time for Art: Paint the Ocean


Today’s art activity was kind of momentous for us… almost six years ago I started putting together all of these activities in this planned, cohesive sort of way for my oldest when she was about 18 months old. And… today… I started doing the activities with my youngest, my third, and probably last, little guy.

How is this craziness possible?!?

Now, while we’re on this topic… can I just say that I knew kids grew up fast- I mean doesn’t every mom with older kids stop you and tell you how fast it goes? If I had a dime for all those times…

Well, I had enough well-intentioned, experienced, and wise moms tell me how fast it went, that I actually tried to take heed, I tried to learn from them! And, yet I’m constantly blown away by how fast the time flies. Maybe there is some sort of psychological block in our little brains that we literally can’t process how fast it goes. I don’t know… it’s something for someone out there to study some day!

Ok, I promise my wild mom hypothesizing is done for now!

Since I was distracted by my littlest one finger painting for the first time, I did a terrible job documenting the activity with photos! Full disclosure I ended up just taking different angle shots of the final product! Hey… REAL. meaningful. family. Right? Some days we’re just happy we got any activities done at all!


I got the activity started by just squirting some dots of dark blue along the bottom third of the paper, light blue through the middle, and some dots of white along the top third. Then, when my little guy got going he smeared all of the colors together and it turned into a pretty cool variegated blue “ocean” swirl on the paper! Definitely frame worthy.


I love this activity because it gives kids total freedom to do what they want. Classic finger painting is a great sensory activity (and for that reason some kids may want nothing to do with it… that’s OK just give them a brush instead!), it is a great fine motor activity, it’s a great natural way to talk about colors and what happens when colors blend, and it’s a great way for your child to just experiment with their creativity and independence! So, pull out these materials and have fun together! I even pulled out a brush and painted along, it was pretty fun!

Happy Painting!




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