Fall Week 4

Fall Week 4: September 25-29

Happy week 4! I can’t believe we are already heading into October next week! It’s been so hot it still feels like the middle of Summer here. I am so ready for windows open, cool breezes, sweatshirts and cozy blankets, hot chocolate, stews in the crock pot… I love fall! And I’m excited for this week’s activities!

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Leaf Rubbing

IMG_0389One of the first signs of fall, in my opinion, are the first falling leaves! Head outside and collect some of those freshly fallen, but not to crunchy, leaves. I find it easiest for a rubbing like this to tape the leaves to the back of white construction or computer paper so that there is less to keep in place. Then, show your child how to use the side of the crayon to lightly color on top of the paper and the leaf. Show them how the shape and texture of the leaf shows through. Allow them to experiment and try on their own.

Stuff to Have

Leaves collected from the nature walk

Construction paper


Developing Skills

Art, colors, fine motor, science

Fine Motor

IMG_4505Bean Scoop

Pour 1 or 2 bags of dry beans into a large container. Provide spoons, bowls, cups, tongs, or anything else your child would enjoy digging through beans. If you don’t have beans, another great option is a small pasta (pictured right), colorful adds an extra touch of fun!

*Variation: Provide a separate bowl to scoop beans into with the utensils. Or for older children provide a muffin tin or ice tray to sort beans by shape and color.

*Variation: Add a problem solving element by putting small toys or objects in the bean container for children to find.

Stuff to Have

-1 or 2 bags of dry beans

-Large open container

-Cups, bowls, spoons, strainers, etc. (Be creative and change it up each time you do this!)

Developing Skills

Fine motor, sensory

Problem Solving

IMG_0690Flashlight Find

Darken a room that is familiar to your child and has familiar objects in it. Sit down somewhere comfortable and let your child use the flashlight to find various objects. Older children will love having you name some of their favorite toys or special objects and using the flashlight to find them. While younger children might not grasp the concept of finding things with the flashlight you can demonstrate and begin that problem solving concept. If they are only interested in playing with the flashlight that is fine too- they are still always learning and building new concepts. Just take care to help them avoid looking directly at the light.

Stuff to Have

-1 Flashlight

-Darkened, familiar room

Developing Skills

Problem Solving, follow through

Early Science & Math

IMG_0646Pumpkin Patch Match

Prep your paper pumpkins in various shapes and sizes. Have between 3 and 5 of each color and several different sizes. You can lay out the pumpkins and your child can match pumpkins based on size and/or color.

Stuff to Have

Paper pumpkins, various sizes and colors (I free hand my pumpkins and cut out)

Butcher paper (optional)

Developing Skills

Early math, color recognition, fine motor

Cooking & Baking

Free… pick a favorite or take a break!

Have fun with all of those planned activities, but remember to find time for large motor, music and rhymes, and reading. One of the most important thing we can do for our kids is getting them to use their large muscles! Running, jumping, climbing, throwing & kicking a ball, tossing leaves that have fallen, going for a walk, riding a trike… Large muscle movement is beneficial for muscle and brain development!

For music, I like to find different Fall themed music and rhymes online. There are a lot of fun resources with great familiar rhymes and tunes to incorporate in your day. But keep in mind it isn’t necessary to have a sit down and sing time (this isn’t preschool or kindergarten!) Just incorporate singing, music, and dancing throughout your day!

Finally, reading should be a big part of our day too. I find it is easiest to head to the library and pick out some fall themed books. Find your child’s favorite character as they experience fall, find books about fall in your area, but mostly just read! With toddlers especially it isn’t about necessarily reading all of the words, it’s more about letting them experience the book, point out what you see in pictures, connect it to their life, ask questions, and let them take the lead!

Happy Playing!




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