Fall Week 8

Week 8: October 23-27

Hi All! Thanks for joining us this week! This is our week 8 activity plan… and if you just had to double take when you saw “Fall week 8” don’t worry I did too! How is that even possible!? If you’ve been here before thanks for coming back! I hope you find some great ways to add in some fun throughout your day!

If you are new to these weekly activity plans and don’t quite know what is going on here… I developed my own weekly plan of activities that follows the seasons and holidays throughout the year for my toddlers and preschoolers. It is all developmentally appropriate (not preschool for babies) and mostly focuses on getting one on one time between our young one and ourselves to foster communication, adult interaction, fine motor, sensory, and problem solving! Thanks for stopping by to check it out! For more info you can read about me or about the blog here.

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Decorate a Pumpkin

By now those perfect and cute little craft pumpkins at the craft store should be on sale. We have painted a pumpkin, we’ve made our own pumpkin, our carved pumpkins are out on the step… we have some super cute and decorated pumpkins. A couple of years ago we decorated craft pumpkins with stickers that matched my kids interests. For some reason, that fun activity stuck with us and we have done it ever since. So, I thought I’d share this simple idea with you to add to your own pumpkin collection! Use a craft pumpkin, a real pumpkin, or just decorate a print out of a pumpkin. Then gather stickers that match your child’s interest, along with other craft supplies if they would like and let them decorate to their hearts desire. What a great way to practice their independence, creativity, and get a great fine motor workout!

Stuff to have

1 pumpkin (craft pumpkin, real pumpkin, or print out)


Other craft supplies/decorations, optional

Developing skills

Independence, creativity, art, fine motor

Fine Motor

Pumpkin Seed Transport

img_1355Let your child experiment and get creative moving pumpkin seeds from different containers with various utensils. Try and make it interesting by giving them containers with different sized openings. For instance, give them a bottle with a small opening to work on getting the seeds into. Can they get it back out? Also change up the utensils they use. Try giving them tweezers, tongs, clothespins, etc. to make it interesting and further fine motor movement.

Stuff to Have

Pumpkin seeds, cleaned and dried from pumpkin carving

Utensils: spoons, ladles, serving spoons, bowls, etc.

Developing Skills

Fine motor, Problem solving

Problem Solving

IMG_0657Fall Puzzle

I find it fun to include activities that for the most part fall within the season we are in. We don’t have a fall puzzle, so I decided it should be easy enough to make one. If you don’t want to make a puzzle, no problem. Just do some of the puzzles that you have together. To make our puzzle I freehanded 4 different colored and different shaped pumpkins (you could also do leaves or apples if you want to keep it in the fall theme). I cut out the 1st 4 pumpkins and traced each of them on the same color paper. So, my result was 2 of each color of mathcing pumpkin. Then, I glued one of each color onto a sheet of paper, and the other 4 pumpkins are left to match up for the puzzle. Whether you are doing your own puzzle or this fall puzzle be interactive and encouraging. If your child becomes frustrated give them some hints- this isn’t a test!

Stuff to Have

8 pumpkins (4 different shapes/sizes, 4 different colors)

1 Piece construction paper


Developing Skills

Problem solving, follow through

Early Science & Math

Pumpkin Patch Match

Prep your paper pumpkins in various shapes and sizes. Have between 3 and 5 of each color and several different sizes. You can lay out the pumpkins and your child can match pumpkins based on size and/or color.

Stuff to Have

Paper pumpkins, various sizes and colors (I free hand my pumpkins and cut out)

Butcher paper (optional)

Developing Skills

Early math, color recognition, fine motor

Cooking & Baking

img_1268Mummy Pizzas

This is about as “spooky” as things get at our house around Halloween. I’ll do cute costumes and go for candy, but I’m not a big fan of the scary stuff. Even if you’re not at all into Halloween festivities, still do this fun activity in the kitchen. It is one that allows so many opportunities for independence, sensory, and fine motor!

To get started, preheat your oven to 375. Then, let your child have fun creating their own pizza, using their independence to choose what toppings to use. Finish off with strands of string cheese laid across the pizzas and the finished product will make it look like a mummy (or not if you’re not into that kind of thing). It might be a little messier, but try and let your child take charge, practicing their fine motor movements, making their own decisions, and learning from everything they are doing. They will love it!

Stuff to Have

English Muffins

Pizza sauce

String cheese

Favorite Pizza toppings: pepperoni, sausage, vegetables… whatever you and your child choose!

Developing Skills

Cooking/baking, fine motor, science, math

Each day we try to also include large muscle movement, lot’s of book reading, and music and rhymes. These three things are some of the more important things, in my opinion, to include. Large muscle movement builds your child’s coordination, balance, and movement ability (ie. practice makes perfect), but it also is busy building brain connections, and without a doubt I believe my kids are better behaved when they get their whole body moving! Try things like, running, jumping, climbing, throwing & kicking a ball, tossing leaves that have fallen, going for a walk, riding a trike, or creative fun like a bear crawl or a crab walk.

Reading books is essential for language development. Mix up the books you have by picking up some seasonal books from the library. And if you’re sick of reading the same book over and over, change it up every now and then. You don’t have to stick to the written words. With toddlers especially, it isn’t necessarily about reading all of the words, it’s more about letting them experience the book, point out what you see in pictures, connect it to their life, ask questions, and let them take the lead!

Finally, music and rhymes is also an important and fun element to add to your day to build language development. It’s as easy as looking up some different fall themed songs and rhymes to add to your day. Or if you want to keep it simple, try songs to transition from toy to toy, use a clean up song, or a song during bath time.

Happy Playing!



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