Why Real. Meaningful. Family?

My blog is called Real. Meaningful. Family.

Let me tell you why…

The Real in ‘Real. Meaningful. Family.’

As I brainstormed concepts that I wanted the blog to be about, the first thing I kept coming back to was real. Real research, real advice, real activities, real life, and real with ourselves. I found myself getting to the end of a day feeling guilty because I hadn’t spent enough time with my kids. So, I’d try to fit all of my Pinterest-level cleaning, decorating, crafting, cooking, and time with my kids into an even stricter Pinterest-schedule. But until I got real with myself about what my priorities are, got rid of the stuff that didn’t matter, and got real about what I could accomplish in 1 day, it didn’t work. When I sat down and decided on the 5 or 6 things in a day that were my priority, it started to fall into place. So, what does this all mean for ‘Real. Meaningful. Family?’

Real means developmentally appropriate. In a society that has been overtaken by academic learning, ABC’s and 123’s, this is a bright spot of developmentally appropriate learning that can, and should, be embedded into your child’s regular life. Toddlers and Preschoolers are not “taught;” they experience, feel, hear, try, experiment… That’s what I will give you — opportunities to add new and simple experiences into their world and real advice and suggestions of ways to tailor those experiences to your child and your family.

Real research… not hearsay, old wives tales, or information clouded by media opinion, but the real scientific information that parents should know. All too often I hear of parents making important decisions based on false and/or misleading information, and it is my goal to eventually present current research information to make better, more informed decisions.

My real self; I’m a mom of 3 with a PhD; I’m not a photographer, chef or professional journalist.  I don’t have an editor (unless my husband counts) and I don’t have a housecleaner… my floors and windows get messy just like everybody else, and you might occasionally see that in my un-professionally staged photos!

Real information and practical advice for you to ‘get real’ too. ‘Getting real’ with myself, my priorities, and what I want out of my day has been so freeing! No longer do I feel guilty about the things that I’m not accomplishing (things that don’t really matter) and I’m able to focus on the things that do matter!

The Meaningful in ‘Real. Meaningful. Family.’

I couldn’t create a blog for moms, dads, children, and families without the content having long-term value. Time together needs to be special and set apart. Learning needs to happen in a natural way. And research and ideas need to be adaptable to your family. This, to me, is meaningful. I want the activities to offer you and your children a special time with one another, and I intend the research and information to be content you can apply to your own family. Life is short, the time that our kids are little is even shorter, so let’s make each day meaningful!

The Family in ‘Real. Meaningful. Family.’

I started all of this for my own family, and now I want to share it with yours! The family is an integral part of society with probably the hardest, but most important task of raising the next generation! By combining real and meaningful concepts, my goal is to add a deeper purpose to your life, your relationships, and your family to make it all stronger.