Thankfulness Questions

Here is a fun activity to do as we prepare for Thanksgiving! Grab a pencil and ask your child these questions. I am certain you will come away with some special and adorable answers!

For toddlers and preschoolers, “thankfulness” is a pretty abstract concept. But asking questions like this gets their wheels turning, thinking about the things that they have. They also may start to process things that are more special or that they like more than other things. Really, the ability to pick out things that we are happy to have or like the most is the beginning of the ability to be thankful.

While the questions are written with the word thankful, try changing the wording to something like “What do you like having that is ____?” “What is your favorite thing about ____?” “What are you excited that you have that is ____?” Be creative and find ways to word the questions that fits with your child’s development and knowledge!

Have Fun! Check in on our Facebook page and let us know any of the super cute answers that you get!