Here are some ideas of concepts that were in my mind while creating the plan for the spring season, and for you to think of as you work to engage your child in play that suits their needs and interests! A lot of these things will vary by your family and where you live, so if you have a special spring hobby, favorite vehicle or occupation that is not on this list make sure you include it with your child as a special part of your own family!

General Concepts: Changes, warmth, planting, flowers, trees, bugs, caterpillars, animals, gardening, rain, kites, wind, farming

Weather: Cold to warmer, longer days, rain, wind, thunderstorms, flowers start to grow, trees bud, planting time

Holidays: St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day

Occupations: Gardener, Farmer

Vehicles: Tractors, bicycles

Colors: Green, pink, purple

Sports/Hobbies: Running, golf, gardening, cycling

March Materials List

Week 1 March 5-9

Make a Lamb

Button Flower

Seed Sort

Carrot Cookies

Week 2 March 12-16

Make Kites

Egg Sort

Make a Nest

Shamrock Cookies

Week 3 March 19-23

Handprint Bunny

Egg Sort

Paint Eggs

Free Choice

Week 4 March 26-30

Cut and Paste Cross

Egg Sort

Seeds on a Sponge

Resurrection Rolls

April Materials List

Week 5 April 2-6

Spring Collage

Egg Sort

Make a Nest


Week 6 April 9-13

Birds Nest

Button Flower

Nature Walk

Dirt Cake

Week 7 April 16-20

Egg Carton Caterpillar

Button Flower

Seed Sort


Week 8 April 23-27

Painted Butterfly

Button Flower

Seed Sort

Pretzel Butterfly

May Materials List

Week 9 April 30-May 4

Build a Flower

Button Flower

Colored Carnation

Flower Cookies

Week 10 May 7-11

Card for Mom

Button Flower

Sprout a Veggie

Moms Favorite Treat

Week 11 May 15-19

Golf Ball Paint

Button Flower

Seed Sort

Ants on a Log

Week 12 May 22-26

Paint the Sidewalk

Egg Sort

Nature Walk


Week 13 May 28-June 1

Spring Favorites- TBD


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